Leggendo Ancora Insieme

« Leggendo Ancora Insieme » is a project conceived by the Cultural Heuristic in collaboration with The Centro Servizi Culturali, pARTIcORali, Hanife Ana, Insieme, Town Library, with the support of the Mondadori Bookshop, in the bosom of « Il Maggio dei libri » national campaign for the promotion of reading promoted by the « Centre for books and reading » of the Ministry of heritage and Culture in collaboration with the IEA, under the High patronage of the President of the Republic, with the patronage of the national Commission Italian for UNESCO, the support of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, the Union of Italian Provinces and ‘National Association of Italian.
Heuristic, which in its programming and production in the arts proposes the exploitation of resources in the area by creating links and cooperation between the island’s cultural reality and not, stresses the need to invest energy in reading and intergenerational dialogue . Through books it is in fact opposed the written word, evocative and spinning, to electronic, instant and fast, able to kill, if prevailing, reflection and processing. fundamental objective of the project therefore becomes provide new motivation for reading intended as daily practice as a driver of knowledge and imagination, an important cognitive process to achieve and the knowledge of self and the world, defense weapon against conformity and essential tool enhancement of undeniable cultural resources such as the different fate associations in the city, ready to join forces in the name of the universal mother tongue which is the art.